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About Us

CEO Arielle Rose standing behind a desk 

 Our Founder & CEO

Arielle’s faith journey began before she was born. As a daughter of a pastor, she had no choice in attending church multiple times a week. While she started her journey with the Lord by force, she continues her relationship with the Lord today based on her own experiences. 

The loss she experienced during the pandemic inspired her to make a difficult decision that everyone has to make at some point in their life; and that is to keep going or give up. She chose to keep going; to live, and not live just to survive but to THRIVE. Why? Knowing her life upsets the enemy brings her great joy, almost as much joy as her love of journals. 

Arielle’s obsession with notebooks and journals dates back further than she can remember.  An avid collector of them, she takes it quite serious when deciding which of her journals to dedicate to particular content - one for work, one for church notes, another for personal journaling, etc. She had no idea she would soon combine her love of journaling and her love for Jesus into a prayer journal to be shared with others on their healing journey.