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Start With A Plan

People who write down their goals and review them regularly are far more likely to achieve them. We help you take those big, lofty goals, and break them down into smaller achievable steps.

Cut Through the Clutter

It's not about having the perfect diet or the best personal trainer. It's about paying attention to your body, so that you can start to understand your patterns and recognize your biggest obstacles.

Feel Your Best

Whether your goal is lasting weight-loss, lifelong health, or just a clear headspace, each page of the Thrive Journal is deliberately crafted to help you improve mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Noteworthy Features

Weekly Goal Pages

It's a 12 week goal setting, motivation and reward powered canvas for amazing results.

Daily Food Logs

Record healthy meals with space to jot down emotions, nutrients, macros, calories, water, or whatever.

Activity Trackers

Track daily workouts and other activities, record daily steps, and measure improvement day after day.

Meal Planning Pages

Plan your meals each week, create grocery lists, and keep track of your favorite recipes.

Mindful Practices

A healthy outside starts within. So we included things like daily gratitudes, meditation space, and a sleep log.

And More...

Daily inspiration, habit tracking, emotion checks, weekly reflection pages, and even more still...

What Our Customers Are Saying

I love the Thrive Journal. I've been using it just a little over a week each day and I already feel the habit of keeping a journal forming. I've tried other planners without any life-changing results. I find your Thrive Journal to be the perfect balance of all the pieces I look for in a journal: mindfulness/reflection, food, sleep, and overall mental health. The design is beautiful and simple.

– Sean S.

This journal has been so helpful to me as I have been putting my health goals together! The pages are easy to fill out and I find it so helpful to be able to track my progress all on paper right there in front of me. I highly recommend the Thrive Journal to anyway who wants to see real progress with their health.

– Danielle G.

Thrive Journal
Thrive Journal Thrive Journal Thrive Journal Thrive Journal

The beautiful, all-in-one notebook designed to help you eat better, live happier, and create positive habits that will last you a lifetime.

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