Thrive Journal

We’re creating a wellness brand for those who value fitness over fads, progress over perfection, and lifelong changes over quick fixes. We want to empower others to live full, active lives, and help them discover the healthiest version of themselves. This brand was made for everyone who's dedicated to the pursuit of wellness and wants to make positive changes for themselves and those around them.

If this sounds like you, then join our program to help your community CRUSH their wellness goals!

We’ve been overwhelmed with the positive response since we started this journey, and we've learned so much from other generous entrepreneurs and wellness experts over the years. So many like-minded people have reached out to help in all sorts of ways. This includes you!

What You'll Get From Us

  • We’ll highlight your content on Thrive Journal social and other media channels.
  • Brand Ambassador-only discounts and sales 
  • Your own personal discount code to give to friends and family 
  • Super-early bird pricing when we launch new products
  • Some free swag to help promote Thrive Journal and network with other passionate lovers of healthy living. 
    • We will determine what’s needed on a case by case basis. 
    • To start, we’ll send you one free Thrive Journal and start to learn how you use it!
  • Our Brand Ambassadors have some awesome personal goals and dreams, and we want to help you achieve those in any way we can! If you have any unique opportunities that Thrive Journal could be a part of, let us know!
  • Sneak peeks of product, possible product testing, and opportunities for input.
  • Being a part of a community that wants to love life, simplify, change the wellness game, and go nuts for beautiful and simple products.

How To Apply

Please answer the following questions in no more than 1-2 paragraphs each:

1. Tell us about yourself. Feel free to improvise, but for example: What are your goals? How do you live your life? What’s the book you recommend to everyone you meet? Favorite Ninja Turtle?

2. On what social media channels are you active? Please link profiles.

3.Are you a specialist in the health and wellness space? (health or fitness coach, personal trainer, RDN, nutritionist, etc...) Please list.

4.What wellness activities do you participate in monthly? Why?

5.What makes you a great Thrive Journal ambassador?

Email your responses to with the title: “Ambassador Application - Insert Name”

Thank you for your time, we know how valuable it is!