The Secret to Lasting Health is You

The Secret to Lasting Health is You

Imagine this.

It’s Spring 2019 and you’re on your way to a friend’s wedding. As you drive, you notice the sun setting in the sky and your favorite song playing on the radio. You park outside the venue, and you’re right on time. You turn the ignition off and sit in silence for a moment. You smile in gratitude for the loving commitment you are about to witness. You’re eager to see and catch up with people you haven’t seen in years.

You’ve been to a zillion weddings, but for whatever reason, you notice yourself feeling different tonight. And it seems like your friends have noticed it, too. Because at the reception, you get showered with sentiments like “wow, you look so great, what’s your secret?” and “you are absolutely glowing” and “you’re rocking that outfit!”

You leave the event smiling, feeling light and happy, knowing that your hard work is finally paying off.

And everyone is dying to know, what is your secret?

Three words may come to mind.

Planning, Devotion, and Resilience

Planning: To support yourself fully.

You know that developing healthy habits is only something you can choose for yourself. You know how important it is to have a game plan when you’re devoted to making changes.

This is what makes journaling so powerful, because you can't change what you can't measure.

So often we turn to nutrition gurus and experts to save our health for us and we forget many of the answers we seek are found within our own lives.

To find this answer, you get to do research on yourself. Getting curious about your habits, your impulses, your feelings, your strengths, and your weak points can open up an abundance of helpful information for you.

For example, when you can start noticing what you put into your body and what that feels like, how you move or don’t move your body and what that feels like, how many hours of sleep you get and what that feels like, over-committing yourself at work and what that feels like, you’ve unearthed a goldmine of opportunities.

Your body is in constant communication with you. It notices even the most subtle changes you make in your life. Your body is also your own personal science experiment.

Documenting the small tweaks you make every day will be your roadmap to wellbeing. And since awareness is the first step to making powerful changes, we need to know where we begin so we can know where we truly want to go.

Devotion: To your health, wellbeing, and joy.

You’re devoted to what you know you want, you’re devoted to what you know you deserve, you’re devoted to being the best version of yourself for your loved ones.
Let the devotion shine through you by setting goals around eating habits, daily exercise, and proven happiness habits.

Unfortunately, we have a tendency to confuse devotion with motivation. 

Motivation is fickle. It comes and goes, and isn't a reliable foundation for creating healthy and lasting habits. Devotion on the other hand, is a commitment to your well-being.

Managing your health isn't about having the perfect diet, a pantry full of "superfoods", or the trendiest personal trainers, it's about consistency.
Big changes don't happen overnight. They're the result of the small things that you do everyday.

Resilience: Calling forth your inner warrior.

When you hear the word resilience, what thought or feeling comes up for you?
Years ago, when I was beginning my self-improvement journey, the word resilience would intimidate me. Resilient? Me? I just got done crying in the bathroom about the harsh look my boss gave me (a little dramatic, but I was very sensitive!). Resilience didn’t resonate with me at the time. I didn’t feel strong, and honestly, being resilient sounded like a lot of work. It implied that the going would get tough, and that it wouldn’t always be easy. And, in a lot of ways, I wasn’t ready for the guaranteed “hard” aspects of change and reaching goals.

It wasn’t until I was fully devoted to my dreams, my plans, and my personal values that I could accept the fact that it wouldn’t always be easy or perfect.
And this is where resilience comes in. 

You will inevitably have days where you do not follow your plan, but keep in mind that these days will only be a problem if you let them derail you.

This is where logging your behaviors becomes so powerful, because it gives you a baseline. It's one simple thing you can do every day, no matter what. 

Life is full of detours. Plans change. And that's okay! Keep logging. If you're keeping track, you haven't quit. If you are logging through a crisis, you're back on track the next day. 

It also becomes a very effective resource the more and more you use it. At the end of each day, you get a chance to reflect on how your day was spent. This simple snapshot helps you start recognizing your patterns and understanding your pitfalls. So when those bad days come, you have a much better understanding of how to get through them.

You are inner resourced, you are a warrior.

The person who knows themselves - their values, their worth, and their ability to change - is a person unstoppable.

This is a person others look to for the “secret.”

This is a person whose health and wellbeing is transforming, day by day, minute by minute.

This is a person who looks strikingly more vibrant on the outside because of the changes made on the inside.

This person is you.


Do you keep track of your health? Share how you do it below.

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